About Dr. Sam

Dr. Sam Nguyen, also known affectionately as Di Ai Hong Sam, is a distinguished Doctor of Naturopathy, an accomplished Entrepreneur, Scholar, and Graduate of Executive education from Harvard Business School.

With a Doctorate degree in Naturopathy and Business Degree from Harvard, Nguyen set out and made her mark on the natural medicine market and created many holistic oils and herbal medicines to help patients around the world, some with cancer. She has opened up several successful businesses in this field as well. Among them are Dr. Sam Black Ginseng and Wassong Rock Pine.


Dr. Sam Black Ginseng


The most effective Ginseng for treating erectile dysfunction. While China might be the largest market in the world for Ginseng, Korea is known to produce the finest Ginseng in the world. We want to introduce to you a newly developed, cutting-edge variety of Korean Ginseng, called Dr. Sam Black Ginseng.

Among herbal supplements, Ginseng (Panax Ginseng, not to be confused with Siberian Ginseng which is a different plant) has stood the test of time with over 2000 years of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

9 timesBlack Ginseng is a new variety cultivated in the region of Geumsan in South Korea, which has an ideal climate and mountain conditions for growing Korean Ginseng. A unique patented method of preparing the fresh Ginseng is what makes it into the Black variety. Compared to Korean Red Ginseng, Black Ginseng is steamed up to 9 times which significantly increase the levels of some specific ginsenosides even further. 

Why Black Ginseng Is Superior for Men

Black Ginseng contains a much higher degree of the ginsenosides Rg3, Rg5, and Rk1. 

Rk1 and Rg5 are both implicated in increasing mental performance, brain circulation as well as memory. This also makes it an excellent natural treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

Rk1 has also shown unique properties for blocking vascular leakage as well as prevent hepatoxicity from drugs such as paracetamol. The higher levels of Rg3 however, is the most exciting ginsenoside for men since it's involved in improving sexual function, increasing libido and promote hormone production.

Black Ginseng contains an impressive 3x times more Rg3 than regular Red Ginseng. Studies have shown that Rg3 enhance erection hardness by stimulating the metabolism of nitric oxide thereby improving blood circulation and erectile dysfunction.

Rg3 also promotes the testicles to secrete testosterone in times of stress when testosterone levels might otherwise be reduced, essentially restoring healthy testicular function, sperm production, and stamina even in aging men.

All in all, Black Ginseng is one of the best supplements for men's health since it increases your intellectual abilities as well as makes you a stud in bed.

Further, other benefits of ginseng are well known such as its ability to reduce anxiety and hangover symptoms as well as increase the detoxification rate of alcohol.